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To create virtual world you need give your own definition and target. Yes you can assimilate to matrix movie....


To create real large virtual world you need:

  • Finite space
  • Computing reduction method
    • Can be via dimension reduction, have 2D CPU to simulate 1D world, or 3D chip to simulate 2D world
    • Cause-and-effect reduction algorithm: To group and reduce the computing power used to need be able to determinate what action will be repeated 1 million time, and what pattern will change this. For example: the gravity is applied on same way on large scale atom group. But and simple AND information change have an real cause-and-effect impact.
    • Define the world (what is their reality)
    • Consciousness reduction in case of direct intelligence interaction without need of reality simulation (the Consciousness create the reality)
  • Computing hardware
    • You need spacial organisation of the chip corresponding to world dimension type, with direct connexion to neighbor without global communication to drop the scalability problem.