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If your server is under DDOS, apply this rules:

Limit the connect

You need apply this firewall rules with iptable under linux to limit the connect on the server, only 1/10s by ip.

-A INPUT -m recent --name catchchallenger --rcheck --seconds 1 --hitcount 10 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 42489 -j DROP
-A INPUT -m recent --name catchchallenger --remove
-A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 42489 -m recent --name catchchallenger --set -j ACCEPT

Why DDOS all server level?

Because lower it's transport level. Only the server have the capacity to understand the message layer (how split and compose it) and then filter the message by seconds.

That's allow to split the different message type and apply different limit. The move on the map is more frequent than chat message, store on warehouse, ...


General case

The settings to use:

  • Customise your server login message to inform your user
  • Use the visibility none, to limit the cpu and bandwith
  • Disable all chat, to limit the cpu and bandwith
  • Enable datapack cache, to limit the cpu and hdd usage
  • Put the compression to none, to limit the cpu but grow the bandwith
  • Use http datapack cache if you can, to limit the cpu, bandwith and hdd usage
  • Disable Automatic account creation to prevent continuous more entry into the database, to limit the cpu, bandwith, space and hdd usage
  • reemit: use more bandwidth because reemit the player move and improve the cpu performance because it send the same composed packet to all player

Upload saturated

  • All above
  • Uncheck send player number
  • Force the seed
  • Don't send pseudo
  • Enable zlib/xz compression if the usage cpu is low (<10%)


See: Anti DDOS and cost infrastructure

Botnet needed

  • To sature my 2Mbps connexion you need 2 000 bots
  • To sature one 100Mbps server you need 100 000 bots
  • To sature one 1000Mbps server you need 1 000 000 bots
  • To sature 1000 vps around the world at 100Mbps by vps you need 1 000 000 000 bots