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As usual, inform you about how TOR work. What can reveal your identity, ...



Mount your CatchChallenger TOR server under virtual machine on encrypted volume. To prevent direct access reveal you host an CatchChallenger server. That's mean, you can't start up automatically the server. You need start up manually and give the prompted password. Prevent physical access. Prevent bug or security break of your server. Grsec + Pax for linux kernel with option PAX_MEMORY_SANITIZE is good idea on host and guest.


  • Listen on port 42495
  • Auto-create account


Into my /etc/tor/torrc I have:

User tor
PIDFile /var/run/tor/
Log notice syslog
DataDirectory /var/lib/tor/data
HiddenServiceDir /home/tor/
HiddenServicePort 42489
BandwidthRate 100 KB
ExitPolicy reject *:*

With command:

mkdir -p /home/tor/
chown tor.tor /home/tor/

As well, prefer run CatchChallenger server into limited account. You public host is into /home/tor/hostname after start the tor service.


You can test it under linux with packet Torsocks and telnet by the command:

usewithtor telnet y1h7x768hq9nt5xs.onion 42489

Where y1h7x768hq9nt5xs.onion is get from your /home/tor/hostname


Start your tor proxy (Windows client you can use Vidalia, settings -> sharing -> relay traffic for inside the Tor network, relay port: 9050, wait some time before try connecting to have good tor connexion)

Don't forget buy the full client to fund the project and have client without crack and virus/trojan.

CatchChallenger Ultimate

On CatchChallenger add your multi-player:

  • Server: y1h7x768hq9nt5xs.onion, port: 42489
  • Proxy:, port: 9050 (check the proxy checkbox)

CatchCahllenger Single Server

Create near the application the file server.conf: