Host your projet on I2P with git.repo.i2p

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  • I2PTunnel -> I2P Client Tunnels -> New client tunnel: SOCKS 4/4a/5 proxy -> Create
  • Access Point: Port: 8541
  • Auto Start: Yes

The ssh key

To generate you ssh key, if you don't have:

ssh-keygen -t rsa

To get:

cat ~/.ssh/

Now you have all the stuff to create the projet

Create the projet

Go to: http://git.repo.i2p/ create the project, you user, add your user to your projet.

Push your work

Put into ~/.ssh/config:

host push.git.repo.i2p
    user [youruser]
    hostname push.git.repo.i2p
    port 22
    proxycommand socat - SOCKS4A:,socksport=8541

Go to your project folder and do the command:

git init
git add
git commit
git remote add origin ssh://push.git.repo.i2p/srv/git/[yourprojet].git
git push --all origin