Datapack guideline

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You you have all the guideline for the datapack.


Do repeated tile partern: Map-with-monster-area.png

Not do: Wrongtilemapformat.png

Why? It's the choice done into catchchallenger, provide better compression ratio and more easy to map. And it's more into 8Bits oldschool game style.

File name and path

Do a correct tree and file and path, for example:

  • zoneA/cityA/cityA.tmx
  • zoneA/cityA/house-1.tmx
  • zoneA/cityA/house-2.tmx
  • zoneA/cityA/tower/floor-0.tmx
  • zoneA/cityA/tower/floor-1.tmx
  • zoneA/cityA/tower/floor-2.tmx


It's inspirated from lineage. You should do a skill with different level for the most common and unique level for unique and end class level.

You have sp to force the player to choice the between various skill.