Datapack compression

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All my tool to compress the datapack is here: the image is quantised, xml cleaned, ...

Png compression

It's parse of:

  • pngquant
  • pngcrush -rem gAMA -rem cHRM -rem iCCP -rem sRGB
  • zopflipng

Static datapack compression

  • brotli -k -9 datapack.tar
  • xz -k -9 datapack.tar
  • gzip -k -9 datapack.tar
  • zstd -k --ultra -22 datapack.tar
  • time brotli -k -c -d > /dev/null
  • time xz -k -d -c datapack.tar.xz > /dev/null
  • time gzip -d -k -c datapack.tar.gz > /dev/null
  • time zstd -k -d -c datapack.tar.zst > /dev/null
  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz
  • We don't take care about compression time, because it compressed one time
brotli xz gzip zstd
Size 16.9MB 16.4MB 17.7MB 16.5MB
Decompress time 0.143s 0.977s 0.242s 0.042s
brotli xz gzip zstd
Size 2MB 2MB 2MB 2MB
Decompress time 0.020s 0.159s 0.056s 0.006s