Convert version 1 to 2

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To do the convertion from version 1 to version 2:

  • move the map from map/ to: map/main/[name]/ that's allow common base with multiple server with different map
  • sub change for monsters: if you have a file: map/main/[name]/city.xml you can create map/main/[name]/sub/[sub-name]/city.xml to have sub specific variation of server, the datapack and map is same, only the monsters/rates will change and is readed
  • player/start.xml -> put id for each start, drop the map value, create the file: map/main/[name]/start.xml with content:
/!\ warning, directly put this information into db
/!\ not check if x,y is into the range of the map
    <start id="normal">
        <map x="10" y="10" file="maptest"/><!-- Searched into: map/main/[name]/maptest -->
    <start id="test">
        <map x="10" y="10" file="maptest2"/><!-- Searched into: map/main/[name]/maptest2 -->
  • Move map/conditions.xml to map/main/[name]/conditions.xml
  • industries/ and map/main/[name]/industries/ have same content, both is merged, the second overwrite the first if same id
  • Move quests/ to map/main/[name]/quests/
  • Move shop/ to map/main/[name]/shop/
  • Move zone/ to map/main/[name]/zone/


Split into 4 part:

  • The login
    • account
    • account_register
  • The base
    • dictionary_allow
    • dictionary_reputation
    • dictionary_skin
    • dictionary_starter New
  • The common data
    • character
    • character_allow
    • clan
    • dictionary_server New
    • item
    • item_warehouse
    • monster Change, add place (0x01 for normal, 0x02 for warehouse, 0x03 for market)
    • monster_buff
    • monster_skill
    • monster_warehouse Merged into monster
    • recipe
    • reputation
    • server_time New
  • The server data (market here to don't have inter-server sync and improve performance, lower cost and better security)
    • bot_already_beaten
    • character_itemonmap
    • character_forserver New, split the character table into common and server specific
    • city
    • dictionary_pointonmap renamed from dictionary_itemonmap
    • dictionary_map
    • factory
    • item_market
    • monster_market Merged into monster
    • monster_market_price New
    • plant Change use dictionary_pointonmap to improve the database size on plant visible only by player
    • quest