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The command:

  • Kick a player
/kick [pseudo]
  • stop the server
  • restart the server
  • send system chat message
/chat system text
  • send important system chat message
/chat system_important text
  • Set rights, type can be normal, premium, dev, admin
/setrights [pseudo] [normal|premium|gm|dev]
  • Set the event value
/setevent [event name] [event value]
  • Teleport player to player
/tp [player1] to [player2]
  • Go to a map
/goto [map] x y
  • Give an object
/give objectId player [quantity=1]
  • Take an object
/take objectId player [quantity=1]


  • Get the player number
  • Get the player list
  • Trade
/trade [player]
  • Battle
/battle [player]
  • Clan leave
  • Clan dissolve
  • Clan invite
/clan_invite [player]
  • Clan eject
/clan_eject [player]
  • Clan informations

Admin + debug

This is valid only if the server was compiled with the debug flags: CATCHCHALLENGER_SERVER_DEBUG_COMMAND, see VariableServer.h

  • Request more id (on game server it's monster and clan id)
/debug moreid

Client only

The command: