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Offline server play

Thanks to the preload random number list, it's possible to play offline if the server content have not changed and the random is same (mean save it into the database). When you reconnect the client will upload all you move and action as you are doing it. This don't allow action with multiplayer link.

Record a play

Can record a play to reproduce later same action, seam as the client is alone alone. It's very compact format.

Mean store some aspect, as random number. or maybe just the server packet.

Html 5, WebAssembly

The web interface allow to have client online, but it can be offline too.

The WebAssembly allow to compil the C++ code to web and be compatible with javascript, that's allow to share the same common code.

The target is have into the datapack object who add something into the interface without interaction with the server (details into the grass like monster and drop, details on bot near, detection of hidden item), but keep the datapack content into javascript.