Botnet backend via P2P

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Why I have studied this?

I need resilient, robust backend for CatchChallenger to control and connect all the server node without use single point of failure as master server.

Then I was need: cryptographic to: identifie master request propagate to all node, node with their public key firmed by certificate authorities to define theirs roles and rights.

I'm aware of illegal usage of this work. But it have too lot of legal usage to have better and more secure internet. At any time it will be discovered. It's why after some years I have decided to publish it.

Why P2P?

Maintain connection TCP with lot of peer without using it is mess computational ressources. Internet should be near mesh network, to broadcast a request, it's better just send this request to limited nodes, this nodes re-emit the requests to limited node... mean exponential send and bandwidth usage without be limited by a single node.

Then for this use the P2P is ideal, but it's private P2P where it's not connect and after authentication but authentication and after connect to be more secure and resilient to attack. You and the code into git of CatchChallenger project.

Actual problem

Botnet.jpg The botnet is controlled by master server, what is the problem? or benefit for some government

  • It can be shutdown
  • You can determine who control it via the IP
  • It can be manipulate for illegal usage
  • It have scalability problem


Derivative of my backend usage for control my server of CatchChallenger is botnet backend control.

The botnet will be never shutdown, never manipulated, not send useless information as IP, then act as network of proxy to be anonymous.