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Human visual representation of map group and split

Here you have a visual representation of map group and split.

  • Group to do zone graphic, simplifie the computing
  • Split the zone with different characteristic
  • You have point into a zone to access to some target
  • Some zone is fight zone where you need have the level but you can gain experience

I use a custom multi precision algorithm to resolv quickly the path, locally it resolv with the biggest zoom and max precision, and for far path is use simplified path with the lowest zoom and less precision. It's few bit as google map/open streat view, depanding of your level of zoom it load less or more detailed image.

Schematic view for bot resolution

The bot need found:

  • What is the accessible map
  • What is the target
  • The path and condition to access to each target
  • Go to target

Layer priority

Here the most important to less, the most important information overwrite the less important:

  • Not walkable
  • Ledge
  • Monster
  • Walkable

This is exclusive, mean you can only have one type of above. Note Ledge and Monster implicate Walkable. Walkable mean not Ledge or Monster. And Monster implicate not Ledge and Walkable.

Example of reduction

The 0.1 map
The reduction of 0.1 map
The -4.13 map
The reduction of -4.13 map
Example 1 of reduction
Example 2 of reduction

Example of Map

3 Maps as see an human
The map partially parsed as see a bot
The logical organisation of the bot block to understand the zone and take decision
Simplified block view with less precision, used into multiple map path finding or near target
The real multimap view for ranged map

Inteligencia artificial

The Inteligencia artificial allow have better bot, able to learn, adapt it self to the game content

Context datas

You need the client + common + server data. Mostly the accessible target determined above.


The inteligencia need:

  • a base personality (crafter, farmer, fighter, ...)
  • a short and long term memory
  • Random affect to item
    • Affect to positive thing: when you have positive gain all the related item/place/target is detected and considered as more positive
    • Item (will try few bit more to have it)
    • Place (will try be more in this zone)
    • Target (will try more this kind of target)