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PlantTime to growFruits produced
Moco BerryMoco BerryMoco Berry72 minutes1.5
MocochinchiMocochinchiMocochinchi115 minutes1.8
MaracuyaMaracuyaMaracuya58 minutes1.4
LimaLimaLima144 minutes2.0
TuberTuberTuber72 minutes1.5
Red MycotaRed MycotaRed Mycota72 minutes1.5
Yellow pepperYellow pepperYellow pepper172 minutes2.2
Pine conePine conePine cone115 minutes1.8
Red pepperRed pepperRed pepper172 minutes2.2
Alban nutAlban nutAlban nut72 minutes1.5
Areca seedAreca seedAreca seed72 minutes1.5
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