Confiared and 5 years!

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Confiared and 5 years!

Post by alpha_one_x86 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:47 pm

Due to lack of funds I need work to eat, but I will start ISP and datacenter service (PaaS) in Bolivia (Santa cruz de la Sierra).
I will use the experience acquired into CatchChallenger (CatchChallenger have a full cluster running for the production and dev), my experience into routing, IPv6, OS (Linux), sys admin, backup, database, dev, into electricity and electric to release this project.
The company will be funded under the name Confiared, VPS (PaaS), dedicated server, datacenter, I hope live to this project and stop with this difficulties to eat.
Thanks to the partners I have this for Ultracopier and CatchChallenger project (more info on the wiki of CatchChallenger):

Now CatchChallenger have 5 years, continue to grow and improve. The server remain up, the version 2 is out since some time. Some other present is in preparing.

Developer of ImageUltracopier/ImageSupercopier and of the game ImageCatchChallenger