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The middle of 2016

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:00 pm
by alpha_one_x86

Sorry for all this time without news, I put more public the version 2 by passing the software and server at this version. Now your can test it.
In sort terms, the version 2 give to you:
  • Improvements on client, encyclopedia
  • Better server structure and future to be sure to keep it free to play, stable and trusted
  • Better tools to test, documents, around this this game
To report bug, please add a way to do it, and test this way. I will try stabilise better for the 30 july 2016.

EDIT: 27 july 2016: The core of the game is mostly functional. Lot of important feature is missing (internal as external like icon, audio, ...), from now I will increment the version number.