Change for the version 2 and gateway

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Change for the version 2 and gateway

Post by alpha_one_x86 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:34 pm

The version 1 was unstable, crash every hours.

Then I have put online the version 2 since the 1 july 2016, but start to be usable from 27 july 2016.
From now it's datapack and database format freeze. The database should be never be reset, but need setup a real backup.
The basic core features should work, I need improve the debug trace log.

The gateway is functional but remain instable. It back to a pokemon i2p serverImage (unknown owner, not me) to show the gateway capability.
Site i2p: http://whba2ljn2sjvke45yjkyudzmelwkjcop ... a.b32.i2p/
Server i2p: mdmkz2exhys4rc24qtqstzevyhmbyia4fvzz7c25wwk3b34kyvba.b32.i2p port: 33889
Our mirror: to show the mirror capability.
Can be blocking on datapack update, but without update is the local cache user, then it should be fast.

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