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Datapack generator Contest

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:19 pm
by alpha_one_x86

We start the Datapack map generator contest. (We can change the terms at any time to be fairplay and fix some missing or incorrect informations here)
The final date to take the snapshot of all the proposed code sources provided into this topic reply is the 1 November 2018.
The place will be decided the 1 December 2018 at 0h GMT-0, and the price sended the same day.

The targets are:
  • Do a map generator and main datapack tree for CatchChallenger
  1. Via code
  2. Via Intelligence Artificial (Machine learning, deep learning): you need provide you learning code, the learned data, and all reading to start to generated new content
  3. Work with arbitrary base datapack, to test:
  4. It's oriented expert and without good result you can't have price
The limits are:
  • You need do it into C or C++ and no dependency (you can reuse the tinyxml, the general/client/server code of CatchChallenger as base o/and lib), for other code, you need express autorisation by CatchChallenger owner, prefer do you code public to participation of CatchChallenger's dev and provide the url here
  • Continue on same direction than the current code (ask if unsure)
  • Need to be able to do a fun and complete map (map, shop, fight, monster placement, ..)
  • Have correct code license to include into the mainline of CatchChallenger as GPL3 code at the end of the contest
  • The datapack should run correctly on version without error and waring, same for the static site generator
The prices are:
  • 1BTC (bitcoin) for the best IA + CatchChallenger and UltraCopier/SuperCopier license key
  • 1BTC (bitcoin) for the best code + CatchChallenger and UltraCopier/SuperCopier license key
  • CatchChallenger and UltraCopier/SuperCopier license key for dev who produced a correct code

How do that's?

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:23 am
by alpha_one_x86