Changelog for CatchChallenger 2.0

The software, the .exe under Windows, .app under Mac
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Changelog for CatchChallenger 2.0

Postby alpha_one_x86 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:26 pm

  • PROTOCOL_HEADER_VERSION 0x10 Full remake, too long list, include C++11 + TinyXml remake, server tree, internal remake, database change, cluster mode, encyclopedia, lot of client fix/improvements.
    Lot of feature not work, include: sound (packaging), icon, mouse usage, ...
  • PROTOCOL_HEADER_VERSION 0x11 Better datapack download error messages, better mirror control, more info to debug, more stable master node, fix and improvement for DDOS filter, better mouse usage (should improve the phone/tablet usability), mac: change format from dmg to zip, mac: enable sound via vlc support, protocol change
  • Icon, various site fix and improvement, more debug on the audio part
  • Fix for audio problem, fix for client on internal protocol (mostly used into self hosting)
  • Better detect for lost char and connexion problem. Better error handling for character creation: Fix for map interaction, fix for other player visualisation
  • PROTOCOL_HEADER_VERSION 0x12 Fix and improvement for gcc 6 and Debian stretch, for system chat larger than 255 char (player list): protocol change, even more strict on SQL query, prepared statements (security, bug prevent, performance), fix information leak, fix for GUI server, improvement for database structure, diff for server list due drastically reduce the network bandwidth usage of master<->login and login<->stats, pass from tinyxml1 to tinyxml2 (startup time very better included under valgrind -30% on x86, -50% on rpi, better memory usage)
  • Fix for catchchallenger-server-cli-epoll/(all-in-one) around the prepared query, segfault.
  • Improve the compilation time (mostly where only the version change). Force usage of TinyXml2 for server. Fix on system message. Fix for database reconnect. Fix for TinyXML2 error string. Fix for SQL dictionary duplicate (ordered support).
  • Fix character creation on official server by fixing the login creation control in mode infrastructure, fix bot, start more complex bot infrastructure (greatly improve the path finding here firstly), few code clean, improvement for chat, auto completition for chat and login, internal map parser improvement clean and fixes, fix conditional door/tp, fix for single player
  • Improve the encyclopedia, improve bot (mostly working for plant and item on map), fix crash into login server to add character, server support multiple listen ip and dual stack ipv4/ipv6 support, better client error message about socket and network error, client bug to connect on remote server, lot of bug fix and more internal check and better error console error message to debug
  • Gateway report correctly the error code into case of wrong selecting character (and option generation improvements), fix for multiple bind (for ipv4/ipv6, previous version), lot of fixes into the dateway and datapack downloading, change around the monster drop to prepare the future change of drop network packet for item at 100% of luck, allow more informations on client side, allow bot known the drop, serveur startup time reduction (regex call near 0, time/4), client fix for quests/warehouse, potential fix for DDOS filter into login/game server and gateway, large client remake (drop duplicate variable), lot of fix for fight, single player for Ultimate fixed
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