CatchChallenger project

This game is a MMORPG, Lan game and a single player game. You have fight, farming, explore, crafting, trading, commerce, management, competition... and you are free to play in you style.

It's a pixel art game and old school game. The work is concentrated on the gameplay/performance/creativity. The income is to paid the developping and the artwork. The game is fully open source (GPL3).

The game have no real time. That's give clear advantage on 3G/wifi connexion or into the tiers world. You can play as PK, PvP, TvT.


Beta order is open to fund the quick developping of the projet. (We are 2 on the projet actually).
The game is playable and fun, you can craft, farm, fight, ... all the actual order have big discount. All the order include all the update from 0.1 to 1.X version (finished part of actual version but no more big features or new gameplay).
The customer have the advantages:

Against the other MMORPG: