CatchChallenger project

This game is a independent MMORPG, Lan game and a single player game. You have fight, farming, explore, crafting, trading, commerce, management, competition... and you are free to play in you style.

It's a pixel art game and old school game. The work is concentrated on the gameplay/performance/creativity. The income is to paid the developping and the artwork. The game is fully open source (GPL3).

The game have no real time. That's give clear advantage on 3G/wifi connexion or into the tiers world. You can play as PK, PvP, TvT.

Parallel project:


This version 0.4 is the last alpha version.
Lot of work have been done is this version (day/night cycle, swim in water, more advanced datapack, better site, mirror to another server/datapack, ...)
The project have more than 4MB of code, for 1500 commits on 3 years of life. The roadmap is now public.
The algorithmic research continue. Same about performance, security, features. The target for the site, is to be complete as this wiki: bulbapedia
The project need:

Against the other MMORPG: