CatchChallenger project

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This game is a independent MMORPG, Lan game and a single player game. You have fight, farming, explore, crafting, trading, management, competition... and you are free to play in you style.

It's a pixel art and old school game. Our work is concentrated on the gameplay, creativity, performance and self hosting. The income is to paid the developing and the artwork. The game is fully open source (GPL3).

The game have no real time. That's give clear advantage on 3G/wifi connexion or into the tiers world. You can play Player vs Player, Team vs Team, your team can own city and clan hall.

This project offer a scope to developing new technologies, innovate and analyze into the area of networking, cryptography, compression of datas, cloud/cluster/server/client, performance and protocol.


I have some good news, the basis of bot is working: can plant a seed, collect seed, do the social part (chat and their history), take on map item, full map analyse (with schematized graphic).
The version is released, well is with lot of bug fixes. But why? Now with the bot I can test more complexe usage (the test case is just a simple test), I re-read the code and automatize it. With the memory sanatizer of llvm/clang it allow be more efficient to detect the problem (include for security), and provide better security for production server. I will continue to progress on bot part to improve even more the server.
And of course I improve the client.


Against the other MMORPG: